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ultimo numero della rivista Anno XXXI - n.3 - luglio/settembre 1998
Note di laboratorio

Alcuni accorgimenti per minimizzare le cause di errore in una esperienza sulla conservazione dell’energia

In this article we propose a classic experiment dealing with the conservation of energy. The device we describe allows a strong reduction of uncertainties in evaluating the thermal energy produced by a resistor in which an electrical current flows. […]

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ultimo numero della rivista Anno XLIX - n.2 - aprile/giugno 2016

Alcuni aspetti della fisica degli autoveicoli

This article reports about certain aspects of the physics involved in automobile motion. First, we describe an experiment which aims at determining the friction experienced by a vehicle, as a function of its speed. By relying on commonly available instruments (a smartphone, […]

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ultimo numero della rivista Anno XXXII - n.2 - aprile/giugno 1999

Alcuni aspetti della gravità quantistica

The work deals mainly with these three topics: a) Gravity is not a force, but a property of space time (curvature) b) The necessity of introduction of spin in General Relativity (torsion) c) The description of Gravity in real space time (geometric product), […]

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ultimo numero della rivista Anno XLVII - n.2 - aprile/giugno 2014

Alcuni paradossi

We suggest four paradoxes that can be proposed to high school students as problems, asking them to search for possible solutions. Unlike the usual physics problems and exercises, in a physics paradox the crime is clear but solving it might be, […]

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ultimo numero della rivista Anno L - n.1 - gennaio/marzo 2017

Alcuni strumenti utili per esperimenti interessanti

Some simple, low cost and useful apparatuses are described which are easy to be made, even as homework by students. Their usefulness will be found in a number of experiments which normally require expensive and not commonly available instruments in the school laboratory. […]

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ultimo numero della rivista Anno XXXV - n.4 - ottobre/dicembre 2002

Algemeene Natuur Wetenschappen (ANW): un nuovo corso per la comprensione pubblica della scienza nelle scuole secondarie superiori a indirizzo generale in Olanda

Introducing another subject in the school curruculum is a delicate affair, especially so if the subject is totally new. This article describes the birth, first implementation and encountered difficulties of ANW (Public Understanding of Science), a new subject intended for all the students of the Dutch general upper secondary schools, […]

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