Il Sole e i punti cardinali, il cielo ci regala lo spazio e il tempo

This article reports about an engaging school activity performed in a class of 13-year-old students. The Sun’s daily motion in the sky was observed during the whole school year. We wanted to understand how it really changed day after day, if the Sun really rises in the East and sets in the West as it is commonly believed, and how the cardinal points are defined from it all. As a final challenge, a sundial was built in the schoolyard, with the aid of the students’ families in the project and construction. (For this activity, C. Paolizzi won AIF’s ‘Antonella Bastai Prat’ Prize in 2012).

Numero: Anno XLVI - n.1 - gennaio/marzo 2013

Categoria articolo: Le scienze nella scuola dell'obbligo

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