Un elettroscopio Nuffield a microbilancia come un’alternativa all’elettroscopio a foglie d’oro nell’insegnamento dell’elettrostatica. (Traduzione da School Science Review, vol. 71, n. 257, Giugno 1990, a cura di Matilde Cilento)

A new approach to the teaching of electrostatics is described which avoids the well-known conceptual difficulties of the gold leaf electroscope. Simple equipment is used which the pupils can make for themselves for a few pence in a few minutes; and the experiments are both spectacular and fun. All the demonstrations centre around a simple yoghurt-pot electrophorus, charged from a polythene lid, and an electroscope made by adding an aluminium foil blade to the end of a plastic straw microbalance. A teaching scheme using this basic equipment can cover many syllabus requirements.

Numero: Anno XXVII - n.1 - gennaio/marzo 1994

Categoria articolo: Note di laboratorio

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