Scienza e tecnica del colore: dai trattati sulla pittura del Rinascimento ai moderni standard internazionali

In ancient times, the interest in colour and related techniques involved almost exclusively artists, decorators, fabric dyers, professionals who needed clear recipes to obtain the desired effects in their works, or philosophers and thinkers, because of the symbolic and religious meanings of colours. With the “scientific revolution” a new way of approaching the topic was born: the interest in phenomena, and therefore in causes as well as effects, produces in a short time an important amount of knowledge, which completely changes the prospects in this very interesting and mysterious field over the course of three centuries.
On the border between science and art, the development of the science and technology of colour will bring very important, sometimes unexpected, repercussions in different and complementary fields such as philosophy and literature, physics, psychology, physiology, mathematics and industrial standardization.

Numero: Anno LIV – n.3 – luglio/settembre 2021

Categoria articolo: Approfondimenti

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