Proviamo a capire la misura nella scuola dell’infanzia

Measure is crucial in science and mathematics because it makes it possible to express systems properties through physical quantities which are fundamental for an early formalization and construction of the scientific method in children. Didactic experiences at primary schools are often focused on the identification of order properties which are necessary for measuring procedures. Experiences herewith presented are meant to highlight the importance of a gradual approach to the measurement procedures stressing the path to gain awareness of the conventional role of the measure unit and the necessity to share it so that to compare results. High class interest and engagement, necessary to a meaningful learning, are stimulated by the affective nature of didactic activities, by the conquest of self-awareness and by a sense of belonging to a socio-cultural environment.

Numero: Anno XLIX - n.2 - aprile/giugno 2016

Categoria articolo: Le scienze nella scuola dell'infanzia

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