Capire la Time-Resolved Reflectivity: una tecnica di analisi basata sull’interferenza da lamina sottile

Thin film interference is the basis of Time-Resolved Reflectivity (TRR), a technique used in condensed matter physics to study phase transformations. Two series of simple experiments are proposed: one employing microwaves, and the other visible and infrared laser light. By the microwave experiments we show the role played by the thickness and the refraction index of the film. By the on-line experiment with laser light (analysing data with a procedure analogous to TRR) we show how a time-varying thickness can be measured. Both series of experiments point out that reflectivity and transmittance are complementary.

Numero: Anno XXVIII - n.1 - gennaio/marzo 1995

Categoria articolo: Didattica

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