Sul concetto di tempo: breve percorso storico alla luce delle attuali conoscenze di astronomia e di cosmologia

We show how since the first human rational speculation the concept of infinite has dominated the time and how the peculiarities with which it has been considered have been modified in the same time that the astronomical researches have become deeper. In our century both the theoretic and experimental bases have been stated in order to reject the infinity; we observe how the concept itself of evolution, accepted as true in many cosmological and biological aspects, appears to be congruent with the concept of finite time and not with that of infinite. We notice how the concept of finite time rises strong difficulties in comprehension and we conclude that science with its results, sure and definitive in some fundamental aspects, outlines, by specifying them, the terms in which the mystery of being appears in the way it is.

Numero: Anno XXXI - n.4 - ottobre/dicembre 1998

Categoria articolo: Cultura

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