Comunicazioni in rete telematica e costruzione collaborativa di concetti scientifici: le precipitazioni atmosferiche

In this paper we present some of the results of a research project, carried on since 1990, to evaluate the potentiality offered by the new information and communication technologies, to the innovation of science teaching (physics in particular) in school. Eight Italian middle school classes, connected between them and with us, the researchers, by a computer network, have worked together for three years on an innovative curriculum only partially co-ordinated. The community of students has taken on numerous topics. One of these, the measurement of precipitation and the construction of an adequate instrument, has originated a wide and unexpected computer debate among the students. We report on its evolution and we analyse it, highlighting the aspects relative to the joint elaboration of scientific contents and procedures.

Numero: Anno XXXII - n.1 - gennaio/marzo 1999

Categoria articolo: Didattica

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