Last update: 30 November 2014


AIF, “Association for the Teaching of Physics”, is a non-profit association whose aim is to improve and recognize the value of physics teaching and contribute to raising scientific awareness in Italy.
AIF is a free association operating at a national level, with international contacts. It is concerned with physics, especially the teaching of physics and sciences in middle schools, secondary schools and universities - although some attention is also given to science teaching in primary schools. As of December 2012, AIF had 1700 members: 1000 individuals and 700 schools and collective members. Individual members are mainly secondary school physics and physics/maths teachers, or ex-teachers. A few members are university professors with a special interest in the field of teaching and training.
The main organ of the Association is the Members’ Assembly, which meets annually during the National Congress. The Members’ Assembly is formed of honorary and ordinary members; every three years the Assembly elects the Association’s Steering Committee, which consists of a President, a Vice President and 7 Councillors.
The Steering Committee meets regularly to deal with the Association’s normal and extraordinary financial and organizational matters.
National Working Groups manage AIF’s day-to-day business, such as publications, teacher training courses, the Physics Olympiads, and AIF’s relations with associations abroad and schools specializing in the history of physics.
Other national Working Groups are created “ad hoc” in response to particular needs that might be of interest to the Association.
It is common for AIF members to form Local Branches – at the moment there are 52 such branches, spread throughout Italy.

AIF publishes a quarterly magazine called La Fisica nella Scuola. It also publishes the Minutes of AIF’s National Congress, Special Editions dedicated to specific topics, and the “Quaderni”, a series of support material for teachers.

AIF communicates with its members mainly through the magazine La Fisica nella Scuola, its website, a monthly newsletter and a mailing list aifml.

The Physics Olympiads
Ever since 1987, the Ministry for Education has entrusted AIF with organizing the national team which represents Italy every year at the International Physics Olympiads. The team is selected by means of the annual Italian Physics Olympiads. Since 1992 the Giochi di Anacleto have been organized for early-year secondary school students, and since 2011 AIF has also helped to organize the training of the team which will participate in the EUSO (European Union Science Olympiad).

The National Congress
Every year AIF organizes its National Congress, dedicated to one particular issue which is addressed through talks by guest speakers, members’ communications, workshops and seminars. As established by AIF’s Statute, the annual Members’ Assembly also takes place during the Congress. Attendance at the congress is officially recognized by the MUIR as a training activity for school staff, for which leave to attend is granted.

AIF also organizes in-service teacher training through its summer and winter schools. These are often set up as joint initiatives with other associations, AIF Working Groups and AIF Local Branches.

Competitions and Awards
AIF organizes and works in collaboration with other bodies to run competitions and give awards for students and teachers who develop projects of special interest, or for academics involved in in-depth research into physics teaching.

Branch activities
The AIF branches offer training and advice for their members and for teachers in general, they promote an awareness of science and physics, and they act as a link between AIF and other local organisations. In particular, they offer support for local public events of scientific interest, in collaboration with schools and other associations.

Exchanges with other Associations
In Italy, AIF cooperates regularly with the SIF (Italian Physics Society) and has a good relationship with other Italian organizations involved in science and the teaching of science in schools, such as the Teaching Section of the SCI (Italian Chemistry Society), ANISN (National Association of Natural Science Teachers), the Teaching Section of SAIt (Italian Astronomy Society) and Mathesis (Mathematical Society).
At present AIF has direct relations with various foreign associations and organisations for science teaching: UdPPC (France), MNU (Germany), NVON (Netherlands), ABPPC (Belgium), SSPMP/VSMP/SSIMF (Switzerland) and the Consejo General de Colegios de Licenciados (Catalunya).

Participation in scientific events
AIF actively participates in scientific events such as conferences and science festivals, both nationally (Bergamoscienze, Italia 150 and the Cagliari Science Festival, for example) and internationally (Science on Stage), as well as the Congresses of European associations.


On 14 November 2014 elections were held to appoint new Steering Committee representatives. The newly-elected AIF Steering Committee took charge on 29 November 2014 for the three-year period 2014-2017, made up of the following members:

PresidentAntonio Gandolfi
Vice President   Dennis Luigi Censi
CouncillorLaura Francesio
Councillor Giorgio Häusermann (*)
CouncillorAlessandro Iscra
CouncillorGiovanni Magliarditi
CouncillorAlberto Meroni
CouncillorBarbara Poli
CouncillorRiccardo Urigu
For information, please send an email to the President at or to the (*) International Relations contact, Giorgio Häusermann: